VIVA at the REVEAL 14 conference in Göttingen

Technologies, social innovation and community development

Experts and stakeholders from across Europe came together to delve into the topic of connectivity technologies, social innovation and community development, to share their experiences and present new ideas – and the VIVA partnership was there.

The programme of this conference took a completely new and innovative approach to presenting ideas, stimulating interest, encouraging and challenging exchange, while leaving room for people to pursue their own interests: An active conference and exhibition, accompanied by thematic and practical workshops.

The organising projects had the opportunity not only to present the IDs they had developed, but also to experience them and, in some cases, to put them into practice: The exhibitions presented prototypes that had been developed over the past two years – some of which had already gone from prototype to implemented programme.

In addition, the conference was an excellent opportunity to network and learn about new ideas and approaches in the field of digital teaching and learning in the context of VIVA.